When I get bored, I do designer things.

When I get bored, I do designer things.

Acrylic, limited palette Ruby Rose~


I’m so late I want to cry but super happy belated birthday vanduobones ; 3 ; iluok

OMG!!! Ahhh, Brooke, bb, thank you!!!!


I’m so late I want to cry but super happy belated birthday vanduobones ; 3 ; iluok

OMG!!! Ahhh, Brooke, bb, thank you!!!!

when warm-ups get out of hand.

when warm-ups get out of hand.

The grand opening for my store envy! The good news is that most of my products are generally small, so there should be free shipping on it!

Please just take a visit, if there’s anything wrong or missing please feel free to message me about it! I’ll do my best to keep everything updated.


I’ll also be adding new products, such as stickers, when I have the time to design them! (so excited)

thatanimenerd asked : High wanted to ask if you were at Tekko last weekend cause I loved your art :3 especially your buttons

Yes, I was!!! I was sitting with the lovely Emi next to the “Chibi Me” station if you remember c:

And ahhh, thank you!! I’m so glad that you liked them!! 

Thank you everyone that stopped by!!! ;A; I have a bunch of lovely people to follow on Tumblr and all the trades that I made are hanging up around my wall (especially that sick ass Hannibal one, that got the front door <3)

Quick note to anyone that commissioned me for online stuff! I will be getting it to you A.S.A.P. like I said probably sometime this weekend! 

-throws confetti- 

Anonymous asked : I want to start self teaching myself but I don't know where to start. Do you have any advice? I'm already doing some stuff but I feel like I need to do more.

There are a lot of places that you could start, but if you’re just starting out I would suggest starting right from the basics! You can practice with light and shapes and understanding space and objects in relation to others. 

If you wanted to start on figure drawings, here’s two sites that I refer to sometimes:

   - http://figuresfordrawing.tumblr.com/

   - Posemaniacs.com

   - I draw a lot from just studying people on the streets or when I’m in classes. I even draw from myself in the mirror or when I’m sitting to get different angles.

Drawing from life is definitely something you should try if you have the chance!

The most you can do for yourself is never stop drawing! Draw everyday little by little, even if it’s simple doodles, just keep drawing, you can only improve!

thewitchofspacejam asked : hi!! i just wanted to say that your artwork is amazing and is really inspiring (you taught yourself! and i cant afford classes so ive started trying to teach myself) I hope you have a wonderful day! (Psst, how long have you been drawing if you dont mind me asking?? vuv )

Ohhh, I wish I wasn’t in class so I could draw you a cute FACE. So gonna reuse this one. Woww gosh, you are just a super sweety, seriously! 

But drawing, welllll, I’ve always drawn, I started when I was around 2-3 and I just made my own paper dolls to play with because Barbies were too stuff and paper was more fun.

Professionally I decided when I was in 5th grade, and in high school I looked into graphic design where I could work with art, but also have a more structured job environment c:

Anonymous asked : I go to school for Graphic Design also but they dont teach us how to draw or use photoshop that much. HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD!?

I actually just taught myself! 

If you want to learn something, but can’t get the schooling to do so, why not teach yourself? It can be a longer process, but I feel like the reward in the end is the best c:

Also, by teaching myself, I have more adaptable skill sets than some of my classmates might have. Having drawing skills definitely helps with the more illustrative design projects that are required of us~

Today has been an emotional day, and this made the crocodile tears flow.

Thank you everyone!! Really, I’m so grateful!!!!

Anonymous asked : RAY SAW YOUR ART


just gonna die, ok?

Ray played Shadows of the Damned yesterday, but I didn&#8217;t finish this until late at night, heh.

Ray played Shadows of the Damned yesterday, but I didn’t finish this until late at night, heh.

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