I dont want to sound rude but your anatomy is really slipping recently. I mainly noticed it in the recent Okami piece. Her arms and midsection dont really make sense in relation to the rest of the anatomy. I like your art but it doesnt seem like you're trying where it really matters asked Anonymous

Oh! Well thank you for the critique. I’ll be more sure to pay attention to my pieces next time uvu

After many years of resisting to make a human form….I did it anyway.

I was watching your stream last night and I found it really interesting to watch how you make your artwork. You have a really nice style overall :) asked milly-dean

Oh gosh, thank you!!!!!! I know I ended the stream a little early;; but I’m really glad that you liked watching ! <3

I was trying something new as well, so I’m really happy to know that it was still interesting to watch ; v ;

Lex played Okami today and drew cute babies yesterday, so I had to draw Ninetails. One of my favorite designs ; q ;

What art program do you use? (Sorry your probably asked this a lot :/) asked Anonymous

Not too much actually! You would be surprised, hahaha.

Most of the time (like for painting pieces) I use photoshop CS5 and then anything vectored I use Illustrator CS5 c:

Drew bunny Ray for padalickingood ~ <3

He’s wishing for a carrot.

gate.[keeper] and Ada. 

I love your art. Can you maybe do a coloring tutorial? asked Anonymous

Oooo, sure! What would you like to see in a colouring tutorial though? There are so many variations c:

come this way.


Comic practice.


DOES A JIG!! sketch commission of Azrynne from vanduobones on tumblr!!! Soooo amazing OwO!!!

Hey VanduoBones! Just want to thank you for being such a swell artist! I'm currently learning digital art, and seeing your art is very inspiring. Your lines are lovely, your palettes are great; generally all of your art is just lovely to look at. So keep on creating! :D asked beingjol

OH MY GOSH! You are just the sweetest thing, seriously!!! 

I really want to be your friend D: you seem so cool and your art is fantastic but I have a feeling id come off as a total creeper. Plus IDK how to start friendships online. asked Anonymous

WELL, I couldn’t tell you either because I’m the shyest person ever 6w9 the one person that I became friends with was really open to adding me because we’d stalked had known each other for years, but IDK.

It never hurts to send people messages! and don’t be afraid to send me any, I’m not the most quick witted person, but I do my best to be entertaining to talk to c: 

It all depends! 


Vanduo Bones
Welcome! I'm Vanduobones, you can just call me Bones c;

I'm currently studying in Graphic Design and I do freelance work for a variety of lovely darlings.

My personal blog is linked above~!