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Vanduo Bones

Welcome! 22, Chicago, Graphic Designer / Freelance Artist.
Don't be shy! I promise that I don't bite.

Anonymous asked:

WAHHHHHHHHH, oh my gosh ; A ; !!!

This is actually really touching to me, because I always think when people buy my pins they just keep them in their rooms 6w9 I don’t know why;;

Chibi Commission for Nico!! Thank you so much, they were the cutest babies
; w ;

Chibi Commission for Nico!! Thank you so much, they were the cutest babies

; w ;


I made an F.A.Q. page! Still trying to work out the kinks with the typeface (the HTML is incredibly messy), if there are any questions you guys want to add feel free to!

These were just ones that I’ve been collecting for the past few months c:



Tumblr URL: vanduobones

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i’m crying for real..

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry to ask but what type of tablet do you use for your amazing art?? (I seriously love your art omg)

Oh! Don’t be sorry, it’s definitely okay! I currently use a Wacom Intuos 5, which I just got this year. It’s a nice well calibrated tablet. 

It’s a little more on the expensive side, but there are plenty of other tablets that work just as well for a lower price c:

I laughed so hard, I had to. I just HAD to. And I was also practicing ridiculous faces and Michael became a victim ; w ;

I laughed so hard, I had to. I just HAD to. And I was also practicing ridiculous faces and Michael became a victim ; w ;

Working on colour palettes! Feel free to pick your favorite! I’m having a hard time deciding c: My personal favorites right now are 2 and 4.

Her name is Lo and she was born from a doodle comic. She is a fox-cat with chicken legs, because I can. Still working on her though.

Dear Little One, don’t cry.

The light will come back.

jupitersbot asked:
how on earth did you make that beautiful Eva bracelet I must know

It’s done with a bead loom! Like one of these: 

As for the pattern and colours, it’s just a simple pixel technique like any other pixel art! It’s still all experimental, but very fun! 

fruitylaughter asked:
Any tips on a person who wants to do digital art as a job?

Hmmm, well digital art is such a broad term. So it would depend on what you’re into, but I can give my experience as tips:

*TL;DR at the bottom.

A lot of it, and I mean a lot, is about networking. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be tumblr famous, or even well known by ANYONE, it just depends on how well you present yourself in front of possible clients. You should also never just try to weasel your way in their circle of clients or even their circle. Sometimes people don’t like you or your work and unfortunately you just have to find people that do! It never means you’re a bad person or bad at art, you just simply don’t fit into what they’re branding is. 

Now, I went into graphic design for my digital art job and I really enjoy it! If you live in a big city (like Chicago, New York, L.A., Austin) there are plenty of opportunities, people to meet, events, and lots of little businesses that will take good care of you. I have a little company I work for now and they’re all amazing people.

But, I also do online work! You have to keep and eye out for those though, sometimes people post about job openings through facebook or their website and I honestly say, go for them, it can’t hurt! I got a couple of jobs at Sanshee doing that and it was great experience. 

There’s also the chance that people will just come to you. Whether it be because you made a name for yourself, or they simply just love your work and want you to work for them.


-The digital art field is broad, so it’s good to have a variety of skills as well as specialized majors.

-Network! Don’t be afraid to talk to people or contact them if they give you their information. You never know!

-Digital art in offices tends to have more opportunities in bigger cities, so consider that.

-Online work and postings can show up anywhere and if you really like a place, apply! It never hurts anyone and in this day and age you can work through skype and email. It’s totally fine.

-Random contact. Sometimes people just contact you! If you’re interested see what the job is like and go for it!

I hope this helped! I know it’s long, and there’s a billion other ways to go about it, but this is from my experiences in working in digital art c:

rin-matsuokas-mucles asked:
Hi! I just wanted to say that your art is really pretty, and I hope I can be just as good as you when I get older! Also, could you maybe draw Rin matsuoka from Free iwatobi swim club? If you don't do requests, I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time! Have a nice day!~♥️

You can always be good as long as your keep drawing ; w ;7

But I’m so sorry, I don’t take requests right now! :c I have too much going on with work, commissions, and merchandise.

Sometimes I take requests in streams though, if you ask then I can! 

I also LOVE the Free! boys (even though I still need to catch up on the last two episodes, hhhhhh). Accurate swimming animes make my heart fly. 

My friend finally got me to watch it by physically coming over to my house and forcing it upon me. Then I loved it;;

Colouring style inspired by the amazing Dave who has some SICK MAD skills.

ohmyemi asked:
Yo, hit me up with one of those bracelets ;3

stop being cute.

But I can totally do that ; v ;

Making bracelets and playing with patterns for fun! c: I wear it all the time now~ 

Anonymous asked:
i love your art ahhhhH may i ask what font you used for /post/92194032579/gate-keeper-and-ada ? thank you!!

Hey there! Of course you can ask about fonts! I love them * v *

It’s a typeface called Baron Neue and it’s free to download! You can search it up on google or click right here! It should be designed by Frank Hemmekam who has some other fantastic typefaces c: